February improvements

Added /contracts/:id endpoint

For some use cases, rather than syncing all the contracts everyday and store all the information in your DB, you might want to directly fetch data from PayFit.

Until today, this was not possible. Now, it is, thanks to a new endpoint allowing to retrieve a single contract ! More info here and here

Added /contracts/time endpoint

We added a new endpoint that allows you to know, for a given pay period, how much time was worked for every contract.

More info here.

Added professional email for collaborators of French companies

Previously, only collaborators of GB companies had the possibility to know the professional email of collaborators. From now on, in French companies, it's also possible !

See the emails field of the /collaborators endpoint.

Added rate contribution on health insurance contracts

We added the rate contribution by employer and employee fields when requesting the health insurance contracts to identify configuration records for associating collaborators.

See the tauxCotisationPatronale and tauxCotisationSalariale field of the /health-insurance-contracts endpoint.