πŸ“ Selection process

We will grant access to our API only to selected partners that will increase the satisfaction of our customers and help them run their payroll smoothly. We will look for validated use case that will help our users run their payroll and HR processes smoothly.

You will need to become a product partner to start building your integration. Please submit request to become a product partner.

We will review your request and you will receive an email to confirm your request and grant you access to our API.

πŸš€ Marketing materials

Onboard the PayFit marketplace

We will feature the integration in our marketplace in-app for our common customers, therefore we will need some assets to display your brand and your integration.

You will need to send to materials to Romain Boiteau, PayFit partnership Manager at [email protected] :

  • A description of you company - 10 lines (in the langage of our customers)

  • A description of the integration - 10 lines (in the langage of our customers)

  • A link to your Help centre or support centre to assist our common customers

  • A logo of your company in jpeg and PNG - square

  • A visual that illustrates your business in jpeg

Promote PayFit

We will send you a pack of visual assets to promote the integration to your customers and prospects.

πŸš€ Locations

PayFit currently operates in 3 markets : France, UK and Spain. Some endpoints will be available only for specific markets.

What’s Next