Welcome to PayFit’s API documentation 👋

Here you will find all the necessary information to become a PayFit product partner and build an integration that will increase the satisfaction of our common customers.

We have built our PayFit API to respond to the needs of our customers by prioritizing the endpoints that are core to payroll.

1. Onboard

We will grant access to our API only to selected partners that will increase the satisfaction of our customers and help them run their payroll smoothly. We are attentive to the validated use case.

You will need to become a product partner to start building your integration.

Note : we will explore the use case to make sure that it responds to our customer needs.

If you are accepted, you will receive your credentials client_id and client_secret for your authentification.

You will also receive the credentials of the company test to access the sandbox and start making API requests.

2. Build

Explore the API guide and the API endpoints to start building your integration.

You will be assigned API scopes based on your integration use cases. You will test the scopes in our demo environment. Any API scope made outside of the scope will be rejected.

3. Launch

Congratulations ! Your build in now in production and available to customers.

PayFit will promote the integration to customers and prospects and in-app marketplace to customers.

We will provide marketing content to help you promote the integration to your customers on your website, marketplace, social media. You will receive a marketing pack with logo of PayFit, a short description and visuals.

Let’s keep in mind that we are working together to ensure the success of our integration.

4. Monitor

Track the performance of the API adoption rate to ensure that our common customers are making the most of the integration. Review feedback and errors to make improvements to the current build.