PayFit Webhooks

In order to synchronize properly with the PayFit application, it is necessary for you to be notified when key events occur in our application.

These events, made available to partners, involve major processes carried out within our application and aim to facilitate better integration with your systems.

These events are particularly useful in minimizing API calls. Instead of regularly making API calls to check for changes in our clients' datasets, you can rely on this system to synchronize only when they are notified of a change.

Another advantage of these events is that you can trigger actions or processes upon receiving the events, rather than relying on batch processing.

By implementing this system, we estimate that the number of processes and API calls to PayFit can be reduced substantially.

From a technical standpoint, you need to request access from PayFit in order to have an environment that allows them to select the events they want to subscribe to.

PayFit will provide you with a unique URL link to access the configuration interface (via SVIX). Once connected, you can subscribe to events as demonstrated in the following video.

Discover our Webhook Platform

Discover our Webhook Platform

All events available can be found in our dedicated documentation, more events related to the employee lifecycle will be added shortly.