Sync Payslips

Do you want to provide Payslips to your customers?

If you want to provide employees of your clients with the ability to access their payslips directly from your application, it is possible by synchronizing the payslips from PayFit.

When the payroll process is completed in the PayFit application, the salary slips are generated in PDF format. Through our API, you can retrieve the list of periods for which a payslip has been generated for a specific employee. This allows you to display all the periods in your employee portal and provide a link to directly download the payslip in PDF format from the PayFit application.

With the PayFit solution, you don't need to download the entire set of payslips issued by PayFit, which would involve handling a significant volume of data. However, you can still meet your clients' needs by accessing the necessary information.

Regarding the sensitivity of the information, PayFit will assess with you the different use cases that justify the relevance of accessing this information for your client.

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