Start with PayFit API

If you are a customer, you will be able to easily connect to your data via the PayFit API.

Why a PayFit API ?

It allows you to use PayFit as the hub of your payroll and HR data for any need you have. With the PayFit API, you can build custom integration with your own systems or build automation for analyze purpose for example.

What can I do with the PayFit API ?

You can access your company data thanks to your company API key. All available endpoints are described in the API Reference and more are coming soon. Don’t hesitate to contact us to tell more about your needs.

How to connect to PayFit API ?

You just have to create an API key in the API access tab from the integrations configuration page of your admin account. Then, you can connect to the API via your favourite language via a simple REST API.

Take the following recipe to be guided through your first connexion with a javascript code example. Else way, you can read scopes for customers and authentication via API Key to make your first request with your favorite language.