Check the common FAQ. We will keep enriching so stay tuned !

How do I authenticate my requests to the API?

Check the authentification section to learn more on the process.

What are the rate limits for the API?

The number of call to the PayFit partner API is limited per client application (and not by valid access_token).

If any of the limits configured is being reached, the API will return a 429 status code with the following JSON body:

{ "message": "API rate limit exceeded" }

👀 Check the rate limits section.

What format are the API's responses in?

The API answers queries with JSON data. Please note also that our API implements HTTP Etag in order to be more efficient and saves bandwidth

How can I download the OpenAPI specification (OAS)

Please find here a link to download OpenAPI v3 specification of the API

Are there any upcoming changes or updates to the API?

See the “Recent changes” section.

How can I get support if I need help with the API?

We always love feedback from our partners ! Contact the team section to reach out to us !

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