Sync payroll journal

Save time with the secured and automated export of the PayFit payroll journal

πŸ““ You are an accounting solution ?

If you are an accounting software, we will allow you to synchronize automatically the PayFit payroll journal πŸŽ‰

When our admin runs payroll on PayFit, it will automatically create an accounting export file called the payroll journal. This payroll journal is available on PayFit for the admins to be downloaded or sent to the accountant.


To learn more on payroll journal, have a look at our factsheet. The accounting export file can be customizable in the Accounting space of PayFit by the admin.

There are 5 fields available in the synchronization :

  • The date of the accounting entry;
  • The number of the account;
  • The name of the account;
  • The debit amount;
  • The credit amount.

We recommend you to set-up a date in your solution to collect the file on a monthly basis after the payroll run to collect the file one time.

πŸš€ PayFit will soon develop a webhook to inform on the run payroll . Stay tuned !


Should you wish to add some additional fields in the setting of the accounting export, kindly note that they will not be exported.