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PayFit’s mission is to simplify payroll for SMBs and enable employers and employees to grow together. We worked very hard to build the first automated payroll solution for all SMBs in Europe that simplifies HR processes for non-experts πŸ’ͺ

We created two different spaces within PayFit, one for the collaborator with an access to leaves, expenses requests, salary slips and one for the admin to manage payroll and employees.

All employees have a life-long access to PayFit with their personal email to download their salary slips anytime and anywhere. Therefore we do not collect automatically the professional email that is usually used as a common identifier between SaaS solutions. We will recommend ways to match collaborators without the email here.

We built the logic of our platform based on collaborators and contracts, which means that each collaborator is associated to a specific contract. In European Law, every employee that receives a salary must have a labor contract, therefore it is necessary to create at least a contract for each collaborator.


PayFit acts as the source of truth for collaborators information.

PayFit will be the source of truth for the employee creation along with the contract associated to the collaborator including data specific to the contract. A collaborator can have different contracts, however per default PayFit will share information of the last active contract.

πŸ‘€ Have a look at PayFit solution

πŸ‘€ Have a look at PayFit solution

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