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A collaborator is an employee. Collaborators have access to their dedicated PayFit space however some of them will not be granted access by their administrator and only the administrator will get access to PayFit to manage payroll.

A collaborator is necessarily associated to one or multiple contracts in PayFit.


The admin is the individual person that has access to PayFit admin space to run payroll. It can either be the CEO, the HR manager, the Office manager or the accountant.


The customer or the client is identified by a SIREN.


The client or the customer is identified by a SIREN.


The holding is a customer with multiple companies, it is identified by a SIREN.


The company is an affiliate of the Holding or the customers and is identified by a SIRET. As a product partner, you will collect data of a company and not a customer. If your customers have multiple companies, you will need to collect the data from each individual company and aggregate the data in your solution.

Example :

  • PayFit is the holding identified by the SIREN 813487899
  • PayFit France is the company identified by the SIRET 81348789900052


The notion of contract is central at PayFit, it is the labor contract between the employer and the collaborator. A collaborator can have multiple contracts.


The scope is a set of data that will be granted for a product partner. For example, collaborator is a scope that contains different set of datas : first name, last name…