QuickStart Guide

5 steps to get started with PayFit API

PayFit APIs can be compared to arcade games. What do they have in common? You'll need a token.

Like the pinball machines, PayFit API endpoints don't let just anyone play. In an arcade, your token proves you obtained permission to play. In your PayFit app, your token proves that your app has obtained permission to call an API method.

Whenever you build an app, you'll start by obtaining an access token.

1️⃣ Check the scopes

Check the list of scopes you would like to request access to.

2️⃣ Become a PayFit partner

👉 Submit your request to become a product partner. Once approved by our team, you will receive PayFit credentials.

3️⃣ Receive your credentials details and company test environment.

👉 A registered app is assigned a unique Client ID and Client Secret which will be used in the OAuth flow. The Client Secret should not be shared.

4️⃣ Implement Oauth

👉 Understand how to implement Oauth.

5️⃣ Explore the API guide

👉 Check the API guide with the list of components available and the integration that you can build for our common customers.

6️⃣ Start making API requests 🎉