Sync collaborators

Save time with the synchronization of collaborator from PayFit to your solution to avoid manual entry

The most popular integration is the synchronization of PayFit collaborators to avoid manual entry for the admin. Our customers will save time in their daily missions when it comes to creating a new employee or updating employee information.


PayFit acts as the source of truth for collaborator information.

Our API will help you create or suppress collaborators or update information automatically from PayFit.

Note : all collaborators will be exposed even if there are just admins

Use cases :

  • Creation of a collaborator
  • Update of information of a collaborator
  • Exit of a collaborator

How will you match collaborators ?

The PayFit specificity is that we collect the personal email of collaborators when the admin set-up the account on PayFit. The professional email is not compulsory in PayFit, therefore we do not recommend to match employees with the professional email.

At the initial set-up, we recommend to match the first name, last name and date of birth of collaborators for one company.


Currently with our existing database of employees, the risk of error is 0.

At collaborator creation, PayFit will provide a unique Collaborator ID that can be used to manage the update of information.

Should you wish to strengthen the control, you can either match the personal email or the Social security number (for French customers) should you collect it in your platform.

What’s Next